My current work primarily explores installation and public art, using found objects and typically objects of meaning relevant to my personal experiences. Mediums used in my other works include printmaking and artist books, and formerly acrylic and watercolor painting. My work frequently discusses social issues including class disparity and sustainability. Other times, my work is an act of catharsis to my own upbringing and relationships with myself and others. Strangely enough, the two points of interest often have ties to each other, another point of realization in my recent works.

My graphic design work separately serves the areas of my other creative interests, most often music and fashion. I employ my own design style across these areas, expanding my techniques with consistent projects taken on.

Chelbi Robinson (she/her) is an artist who works primarily in sculpture, installation, and printmaking. In Spring 2023, Robinson recieved her BFA from Florida State University. She is currently a graphic designer and is creative directing for Don't Be Greedy Records. Formerly, she worked at Club Downunder | Union Productions holding the positions of graphic designer as well as PR/Marketing Director. She enjoys working collaboratively on projects, and formerly worked as a printmaking technician at Small Craft Advisory Press, seeing out the physical completion of collaborative artist book projects with artists including Denise Bookwalter and others.

She has shown in exhibitions local to Tallahassee, FL including in community center The Plant and the Phyllis Strauss Gallery, as well as in Jacksonville, FL at the UNF Center for Urban Education and Policy, Nathan H. Wilson Center for the Arts, and the Jacksonville Main Branch Library. She was awarded several $1000-$5000 scholarships and a national title for works included in the Northeast Florida Scholastic Art Awards. Her work has been presented in publications including Clutch Magazine and Diverse World Fashion Magazine.