The Political COmpass of Beer in America

Varied lighthearted studies have been done on the correlation between political affiliation of a person and what beer they may prefer to drink. Most graphs display the data as a scale of liberal to conservatives on the x axis, and voter turnout on the y axis. Looking deeper I questioned these relationships with income as well, presuming that the cheapest beer would have a lower voter turnout and the more expensive beer would have a higher voter turnout based on methods of voter suppression in the US. My presumptions were true at the widest ends of the spectrum, along with the cheapest beer with the lowest voter turnout being the most conservative, and the most expensive beer with the highest voter turnout being the most liberal.

Conservative ideology works twice as hard to discredit solutions to working class plight with tactics like union busting and pushing false information against minimum wage increases, blaming all but the elite at fault. At the same time, conservative elites still work to suppress voters, specifically impoverished and lower class people by requiring specific documentation and not allowing employees to take time off to vote.