The Cycle Persists

Beginning as research on my family history, I kept running into information with strange ties to my current life. In short, my great-great grandfather was part of the German resistance against the Nazi regime during WWII, working with others to aid refugees and escape Nazi Germany. Later on in his life, he immigrated to the US to work for American company Otis Elevators. Forward to present day, my mother’s significant other works for ThyssenKrupp Elevators whose founders were supporters of the Nazi regime in Germany, and are now the rival company to Otis Elevators. Stepping back, I recognize more and more patterning through events, relationships, and even emotion-- generationally and throughout my life. This developed an interest in the elevator as a symbol of cyclical occurrences over time and the process of understanding the cycles. The cab moves and changes, but still returns to the same places, and leaves them again. Manually moving the cab myself represents my own journey with room for error: the difficulty in raising the cab without obstacles and landing on the desired level, but the ease of falling down and returning to the previous point.


Found metal, wood, video